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Personal Interest Rate increases

31 October 2008

Just back from the gym after a good full body workout and a weigh in on the scale of doom. This scale that I am encouraged to stand on each month gives details about me that not even my wife knows. This month however it was not all gloom and doom. I am less of a person than I was a month ago by a whole bunch of stats that include fat%, waist size and total weight. News like this is always encoraging to hear and see the results. The amount of effort has been worth while and I feel a whole lot better for it.

The aim is of course to maintain this new trend and make it a longer goal to get some momentum towards the ideal body weight and fat%. So off towards the future festive season I stare with hope of looking good for my holiday and beyond.

Thanks to Robin Buck of Fitness Boot Camp for his continued fun filled exercise plan. Today we did Pumpkin Gym, something about holloween season, it is amaizing what conenction one can get to a vegtable whilst lying on a gym mat (more on that in another post).

If you are looking to get mean and lean for the holidays, click Robin and check out this great offerings for both group and personal exercise plans and get those wobbly parts back into shape.

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  1. 3 November 2008 14:34

    Thanks, Bruce for the kind words. Well done on your improvements and I look forward to even more later this month…

    If anyone would like to see what I subjected Bruce (and a few of my other clients) to, then you can check out some freaky fitness & fat loss workouts by following the link to my blog:

    Yours in Fitness

    Robin (Creator of the Fitness Boot Camp Programme)
    “putting the fun back into fitness & fat loss”

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