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It is party time again

30 October 2008

Parents have one day a year for each child to show their talents, capabilities and their residence off to fellow moms and dads at the school when the select invited drop around for the annual children’s birthday party. 

It is our time next week and preparations are afoot with my office been taken over by props, games and a huge amount of foam snakes and spiders. Our theme this year, carefully chosen not to repeat or conflict with any other previous or future party is Spider & Snake Fun Party. This gives us a chance to scare all the moms (my idea) and send each child home with a home made foam snake. We will eat bug infested cake and drink snake poison drinks (my ideas again), have spider races and all jump in the pool to wrestle the anacondas that await their victims in the deep end.

If we just put as much effort into our own business marketing as I see parent putting into their children’s parties we should see a huge improvement in turnover. I am constantly bombarded with drivel and trash that someone has made up and hopes to pass as marketing material. Home made business cards cut skew, flyers hand drawn and stuck on my windshield and the worst of all those pamflets that go on about features of products they do not even name.

Lets reignite the passion of birthday parties in our business and begin to invite speacial guests (customers) to our products with anticipation and excitement. Juice and free cake for those who come buy.

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